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Most expensive things Jeff Bezos owns

Most expensive things Jeff Bezos owns

One of the richest men in the world, Jeff Bezos, leads a luxury lifestyle. Why not, you ask? He has the means to purchase everything he desires. He does, however, continue to astound people with his unique and outrageous purchases.

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, spends a lot of money on upscale goods. He owns five homes around the nation, making him one of the largest landowners in the USA. See a couple more of the richest man’s obscenely expensive possessions by scrolling.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos posted a picture of himself walking his dog on social media on March 20, 2018, when he was in Palm Springs, California, attending Amazon’s MARS conference. Not at all weird, am I right? However, it was! His “dog” was a robot with four legs named SpotMini, which Boston Dynamics, a prominent robotics company and a division of Hyundai Motor Group, has subsequently renamed.The yellow-painted robot dog is used for data gathering and inspections. According to Boston Dynamics, it features a 360-degree vision system that maps the area and allows it to avoid obstacles. It can carry up to 14 kilogrammes of equipment. It can open doors and even fetch you a drink. The robodog Spot Explorer and Spot Enterprise models can be altered to meet the demands of the assignment.

 Gulfstream G650ER

A private jet seems more like a need for someone like Jeff Bezos than a luxury. Therefore, while purchasing one of the quickest private planes, the Gulfstream G650ER, might be risky for some, it is necessary for Bezos at this time. The CEO of Amazon frequently travels back and forth between Seattle, where the company is headquartered, Blue Origin’s base, and other regions of America and even Europe. Despite being a necessity, the ultra-rapid private plane is outrageously expensive at $65 million (Rs 476 crore)

The clock of the Long Now

According to a tweet from Jeff Bezos, the Long Now Clock, also called the Millennium Clock, started building on February 20, 2018. In addition to its size, the clock is highly different in how it works and what it is used for. The huge clock is expected to run for 10,000 years. The cuckoo will only sing once every thousand years, and it will only tick once a year. Its chime generator will generate new melodies every day.The initial clock idea was developed in the late 1980s by computer scientist and entrepreneur Danny Hillis. Bezos claimed that he had been helping Hillis for “the last half dozen years.” In the Sierra Diablo mountain range of Texas, the United States, the Bezos-funded project is being constructed.

 A mansion in the air

Bezos purchased four flats in the Flatiron property at 212 Fifth Avenue in New York City for a whopping sum of $96 million (about Rs 635 crore). The first three acquisitions totaled $80 million, making it the most expensive apartment deal to ever conclude in New York City. The Washington Post reports that he later purchased a second one for $16 million and consolidated all of them into one enormous penthouse (which, coincidentally, he owns too). Bezos has built a 23,000-square-foot, three-story home starting from the 20th level by combining all the flats and a 5,000-square-foot terrace.

The Washington Post Co.

Bezos put in a bid for The Washington Post Co. in 2013 and eventually purchased it. Bezos became the new owner of The Post’s flagship newspaper as well as its other connected publications as a result of this agreement. The deal cost Bezos $250 million and put an end to the Graham family’s four-generation ownership of the newspaper.

Blue Origin

The Washington Post Co. was an exciting and wise investment, but Bezos is more passionate about Blue Origin. Bezos decided to invest $1 billion in this space endeavor in 2017 and has done it effectively. Since Amazon accounts for the majority of its profits, the funding was frequently obtained by selling Amazon stock. When Bezos addressed Amazon customers at a February 2019 event, he said, “Every time you buy shoes, you’re helping fund Blue Origin, so thank you. It is greatly appreciated by me.

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