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Most Common Baseball Injuries In Young Athletes

Most Common Baseball Injuries In Young Athletes

Football players taking hard knocks come to mind when most people think of sports injuries, but baseball players are also susceptible to harm. For several months at a time, professional baseball players frequently play every day. Their bodies suffer a great deal as a result of this, and the constant tension wears them down. The injuries listed below are among the most frequent ones experienced by professional baseball players, and each one puts a significant number of players on the disabled list.

UCL injuries

The ulnar collateral ligament, or UCL for short, is a ligament that is located on the inside of the elbow. Of all the elbow ligaments, this stabilizing ligament is the one that is injured the most frequently.

This little ligament, often known as the Tommy John ligament in sports circles, can withstand a lot of strain from throwing. Additionally, the amount of young athletes who have UCL injuries that we are treating is frightening.

One of the telltale signs that anything is wrong is an inner elbow ache. The ring and pinky fingers could feel “pins and needles”-like, which could affect how an athlete grips the ball.

Shoulder injuries

Rotator cuff injuries and labral tears are the two most frequent shoulder ailments among baseball players. The repetitive throwing motion used by pitchers and other players can be very taxing on the shoulder. Most frequently, a player with a torn rotator cuff will feel discomfort right away and be unable to lift their arm.

Exercises to strengthen the shoulders and increase the range of motion are the greatest ways to prevent rotator cuff injuries. If you feel this kind of pain while playing, take a break until it passes. Consult a doctor if the pain persists since you might require surgery to repair the damage.

Dead Arm

A player will lose their ability to throw accurately when their shoulder muscles become worn out and the joint becomes unstable, a condition known as “dead arm” among players and trainers.

Overusing the shoulder and repeatedly stressing it might result in a dead arm injury. Physical therapy or other forms of treatment may be necessary for recovery, but sometimes all that is needed is for the shoulder to be given some much-needed downtime.

Pitchers elbow

Pitchers’ elbow is only one example of baseball pitcher injuries that are among the most detrimental to a team.

Chronic injury to the tendons that rotate the wrist in the direction of the palm results in a pitcher’s elbow. Baseball players who sustain this form of injury struggle to train or play with any level of effectiveness because of the discomfort and swelling that they experience along the inside of the elbow and forearm.

This injury’s primary cause is typically from the tendons’ prolonged tension and overuse during the throwing motion.

MCL and ACL tears

Baseball players frequently sustain knee injuries due to their constant sprinting, sliding, diving, and twisting. MCL and ALC injuries prevent players from returning to play while they heal since both of these ligaments stabilize the knee.

 The player will typically feel severe pain or a popping feeling, and the knee area may swell, making these injuries typically obvious. Seek medical treatment if your pain and symptoms persist for more than a few days since MCL and ACL tears require surgery.

Back injuries

The tension that repetitive swinging or throwing motions put on the player’s spine leads to spondylolysis or the fracture of vertebrae. Players who pitch for many innings in a row or swing the bat aggressively are more likely to sustain back issues.

Anti-inflammatory drugs and rest are the best ways to treat this kind of injury, although physical therapy may also help build stronger back muscles to better support the vertebrae. Spondylolysis symptoms are like those of a back sprain, but if the pain persists for more than a few weeks, you should visit a doctor since it could be a vertebral fracture.

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