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DIY Roof Coatings with AMES Liquid Rubber Elastomeric Technology

Roof repair fix is a significant feature of all building support, to a great extent because of raising financial conditions, fuel costs and ecological worries. These things are making more individuals focus on a minimal expense compelling option in contrast to supplanting a current rooftop framework.

New Advances

Waterproof coatings have demonstrated to be a conservative and harmless to the ecosystem choice for costly rooftop fixes. These new advances in innovation likewise have recently made material and waterproofing a Do-It-Yourself market. Never again is material just finished by roofers, presently nearly anybody can make it happen.

Construction law heads have fallen behind as well. They are as yet imagining that everything should be finished by talented work, which isn’t accurate. The effortlessness and progressions in innovation have moved so quick that numerous old and confounded kinds of waterproofing are presently outdated. A few past advances in rooftop coatings have bombed on level rooftops and were vulnerable. Quality was deficient in a significant number of the items, and they wound up causing disappointments.

Cheaper waterproof coatings that are often sold in major retailers do not work effectively. These retailers and established hardware chains often operate on whom they know, not what’s best for the consumer. New technology developed by AMES Research Laboratories Inc. sets out to change things. Dr. AMES, Inventor of the popular Snow Roof Systems products back in 1981, felt it was time to move up. We needed coatings that were impervious and not just resistant to water.

Technology has moved forward and past that. We felt it was time to develop products with innovative technology that moves roofing and waterproofing into the 21st Century. This has made our waterproofing innovative, impervious, elastic, energy saving, green and profitable.

Roofs that lend themselves to alternative methods of repair such as waterproof coatings are metal, tar, EPDM/ vinyl and rolled roofing. Each style of roofing has its own unique characteristics and challenges depending on geographic location.

Needs Based on Weather

Rooftops situated in the southern scopes get all the more possibly unsafe sun based radiation. Northern scopes get more downpour, ice, and snow. An expert examination will decide the legitimate mix of materials expected to waterproof each style of rooftop in your space successfully. Accordingly, rooftops in the South should be top covered with dazzling white AMES® Most extreme Stretch®, Iron Coat® or Snow Seal®. Level rooftops in the north will require an elastic undercoat (Elasto-Barrier®). All items are likewise 98% intelligent

Blustery seasons are by and large when breaks are first seen and centered upon. By then, a decent waterproofing arrangement is difficult to come by. Proactive rooftop upkeep is fundamental to guarantee that your property won’t persevere through rooftop spills. The best opportunity to perform rooftop upkeep is in the pre-summer, summer and late-summer. These occasional windows have minimal measure of downpour with longer dry periods to take into account legitimate item application. Rooftop surfaces ought to be basically as dry as conceivable with low environmental dampness for the best outcome.

Throughout the day, the temperature of a roof’s surface can vary greatly. This temperature variation can wreak havoc on the integrity of the roof due to expansion and contraction with any coating that is not elastomeric. Tar roofs in a few years lose their elasticity and crack and split. We have developed new, green rubber technology that expands and contracts which gives strength and new life to old roofs. When a bright white coating is applied it cools roofs and extends life.

A large metal roof can change dimensionally by several inches during the period of a hot day. Cooling of the building with AMES’ Maximum-Stretch substantially reduces expansion contraction. AMES’ reflective coatings translate directly into lower energy costs due to less need for air conditioning. Energy costs on a black roof can be reduced as much as 50 percent.

Repairs and Application

Metal roofing systems are a popular construction component in today’s residential and commercial buildings. At some point, the roof will require repair due to leaking from the weather. The expense of replacing or repairing a metal roof conventionally can be costly. A quality waterproof coating like AMES’ Maximum-Stretch can extend the existing roofs useful life for many years.

A roof repair typically includes AMES’ Peel & Stick™ Seam Tape and AMES’ Maximum-Stretch, a white reflective rubber and acrylic coating. Seam taping stops leaks fast, and coating with two gallons per hundred square feet makes for a long life up to 20 years. A coat every five to ten years helps preserve your investment.

Instead of repairing old tar and asphalt roofs with more tar that will eventually crack and leak again, repair using quality elastomeric roof coating system that will be more effective and easier to install.

An all the more cutting edge way to deal with level material is known as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) or vinyl. EPDM is a dark vinyl film that is applied to the outer layer of a new or existing rooftop making a waterproofing framework. The issue with an EPDM rooftop is that they are dark in variety and vulnerable to harm from UV (bright) radiation following a couple of years. The creases in the roofing material discrete, the EPDM separates, and water then, at that point, works its direction under the EPDM film and causes spills.

One more issue with EPDM is that it floats over the base surface. At the point when a rooftop spill happens, finding it is troublesome. The water frequently goes under the entire framework, harming the underlayment all the while. EPDM should be prepared with AMES’ Super Primer™. Not very many things truly stick to EPDM subsequently, the extraordinarily planned acrylic Very Groundwork is planned not to hurt the EPDM, but rather to upgrade and adhere to it. The option to traditional EPDM fix is to utilize a quality elastomeric rooftop covering framework explicitly intended for this application.

As with all roof waterproofing applications, proper preparation is very important. The steps to this system are:

  • First pressure wash the EPDM surface carefully removing all loose or flaking debris. Then apply the seam tape to all flashing, vent pipes, gaps wider than 1/8 inch and along parapet walls.
  • Next, apply two coats of the acrylic primer.
  • After the primer, apply three coats of the dual rubber Elasto-Barrier making sure that all roof surfaces have been covered.
  • The final coat is the white reflective surface coating of AMES’ Maximum-Stretch. The reflective surface coat not only waterproofs but reflects as much as 98% of the suns. Allow plenty of curing time between coats, usually 24 hours under normal temperature conditions.

With proper planning and adequate budget, repairs with liquid waterproofing coatings can provide a cost-effective and virtually maintenance free roof for many years.

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