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Best Will Smith Movies on Netflix Right Now to Steam

Best Will Smith Movies on Netflix Right Now to Steam

There is no other star quite like the Fresh Prince, popularly known as Will Smith. Boom, Shake, Shake, the room. He has starred in several blockbuster films and TV shows, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which made him a household figure.

I’ll be talking about the top Will Smith Netflix movies that are currently streaming in this article.

Bad Boys 2

Drug enforcement detectives Mike and Marcus are tasked with investigating a massive surge of Ecstasy tablets that are flooding Miami’s streets in the sequel to Bad Boys. As a result, they are currently on dangerous drug lord Johnny Tapia’s radar. The two must use their talents and their weapons to locate Johnny’s hiding place and destroy him before he becomes any stronger than he already is. Because of Mike and Marcus’s opposing approaches to issues, this terrific action-comedy is plenty of laughs throughout.

Men In Black

I was encouraged to investigate the possibility of alien life in our galaxy by this 1997 film (which they do have). James Edwards “Agent J,” a streetwise cop, is hired to work for a government agency that protects the Earth from extraterrestrial threats, and he and a colleague are compelled to investigate a crashed UFO that turns out to be that of an alien creature that looks like a bug and wants to rule the world. They must use their high-tech weapons and wits to stay one step ahead of the aggressive extraterrestrial before he succeeds in carrying out his plan. This movie is great for the whole family to see because it contains just the right amount of action and humour.


Bright, a Netflix original film, is a ludicrously stupid film that appears to have been produced by algorithm-generated, genre-hybrid logic. Almost audibly reading back the data analytics are Netflix executives: “People favor fantasy, cop movies, and Will Smith. We can’t lose if we pair them up in a movie! Unfortunately, this way of thinking also contributes to Bright’s tangled mixture of incompatible elements.

Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds isn’t quite as horrible as critics made it appear ten years ago, despite being widely acknowledged as one of Smith’s biggest box office flops. Certainly melodramatic, this tale of a guy plagued by an automobile accident that claimed the lives of seven strangers. But despite its outrageous humor (you’ll never look at jellyfish the same), Smith’s performance in Seven Pounds grounds the film.

Made in America

In the decades since its premiere, Made in America has largely fallen into obscurity, but it’s one of the Will Smith films on Netflix that fans should see if only to catch one of his early big-screen appearances. The movie’s narrative, in which Whoopi Goldberg learns that Ted Danson is her adolescent daughter’s long-lost biological father, hasn’t held up very well over time. Smith’s hilarious performance as the daughter’s geeky best friend, though, endures. He displays his impeccable comic timing and talent for physical humor. Even if Made in America isn’t necessary, it’s a great illustration of how Smith can make any movie better.


Who hasn’t heard of Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxing champion? Most likely nobody. A lot of movies and biographies have been made about Ali. But the most interesting movie is probably the one from 2001 with Will Smith as the boxer. Will spent months working out with the boxer in preparation for the movie. Until his film’s character makes a comeback at the Oscars, Ali is a must-see because he is so convincing as Ali that you just forget it is some actor playing him in a movie.

These movies are all accessible on Netflix. Watch them and let us know which one you like most.

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