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Best Jackie chan movies of all time

In any discussion of action movies, Jackie Chan must be mentioned. It is required by law. Although he is by no means the sole action star, his contributions and effect on the genre cannot be disputed. Chan’s early films saw producers trying to transform him into the next Bruce Lee, but in the late ’70s, Chan found his voice by fusing inventive choreography with humor. He has never turned around. Chan is an action star, appearing in films like “Wheels on Meals” (1984), “Armour of God II: Operation Condor” (1991), and “Rush Hour” (1998), which had one of the greatest fight scenes ever.

The top Jackie Chan films of all time are listed below.

The Foreigner

Is it correct that I said Chan’s prime years ended at the turn of 2000 and then began this list with a film from 2017? And I did. Even though “The Foreigner,” a late-career Chan film with less action, belongs here, it is still a good choice. Chan portrays an immigrant who put his murky past behind him to raise his daughter, but those talents resurface when she perishes in a terrorist strike and Chan pursues retribution. Although the politician and former IRA member Pierce Brosnan play loose with his objectives, Chan’s character is determined to find those responsible.

Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow

“Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow,” the oldest movie on this list, merits its position for several reasons. Although its plot is predictable—a young guy is beaten and berated until rigorous training transforms him into a combat master—it is still a ground-breaking film. It’s also the first time Chan stopped trying to be someone he’s not and instead let loose with his style and personality. Yuen Woo-ping, a legend who would go on to choreograph fights in numerous Hong Kong productions as well as “The Matrix” (1999) and “Kill Bill” (2003), is also making his directorial debut.

‘Wheels on Meals

In the lighthearted and frequently hilarious movie Wheels on Meals, Jackie Chan co-stars with Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, two more well-known Hong Kong action actors. The story revolves around its three heroes falling in love with a young woman who they assist and then rescue during an action-packed climax, thus Jackie Chan isn’t as big of a focus as he is in some of his other movies from this period.

‘Police Story 2’

Police Story 2 may not quite live up to the original, but it comes close. Jackie Chan reprises his role as a nearly superhuman police officer in the narrative, stopping a bunch of bombers who are attempting to blackmail building owners for millions of dollars while fending off the antagonists from the first film who are out for blood after being stopped before.

Mr. Nice Guy

Sammo Hung is once more in charge of the camera, dealing with Chan’s affable chef and a missing mob tape this time. In essence, an investigative journalist records something she shouldn’t, the video is confused with that of some of our heroes, and a series of deft cat-and-mouse games follow. When a group of bad guys shows up to interrupt a culinary demonstration in a mall, one of Chan’s best scenes might just happen. The majority of fans have never seen the first movie. There were many editorial and artistic changes made when New Line decided to distribute it. The only version of the attempt that hasn’t been edited is a Japanese release.

Dragons Forever

If you’re looking for the best Jackie Chan films, Dragons Forever flawlessly combines comedy and action (as well as a little bit of romance). A chemical plant recruited Chan as a lawyer to help them cover up their unethical pollution-related actions. Chan falls for a woman who opposes the plant, which causes his ethics to become complicated—until he realizes what’s going on.

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